Resist Tyranny Expo  -- Saturday April 13th  -- Dallas

Join us from 12 noon until 7pm on

Saturday, April 13th at

FAIR PARK BIBLE FELLOWSHIP CHURCH for this groundbreaking, uniting event!!  (Free event)


Fair Park Bible Fellowship Church

1321 Rowan Ave, Dallas, TX 75223  

(Location Link)

This is a uniting event for all those who cherish Life and Liberty and Human Rights !!! 

Groups, Associations and Individuals representing a vast array of topics will be in attendance. 

Vendors and groups will be setting up tables for free.  (If you want to set up a table, please see the "Contact" page.)

Well known speakers throughout the day!!


We all protest the corruption and fraud being perpetrated by our government and mega-corporations. 


Our Constitution and Bill of Rights, Founding Fathers, Justice, Human Rights, Liberty, Transparency in Government, Vote Fraud & clean elections & eligibility, Waco Branch Davidians, Oklahoma City Bombing, Military-Industrial-Corporate Complex, "Occupy Movement", Education, Alternative Health Approaches, Nutrition, Vaccine Truth, Fluoride, Genetically Modified Foods, Monsanto, Organic Food Supplies, Big Pharma, Environmental Concerns, Chemtrails and Weather Modification, Deceptions of Mainstream Media, Banksters, Wall Street, Big Corporate Control, The Federal Reserve, Anti-War, Government Cover-ups, JFK Assassination, 9/11 Truth, Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth, and more.  

....expect an "open mic" (e.g. being able to be heard on stage or at least having your message visible.)

A uniting event with "Freedom Welcomed Here!" and assertion of our God given Constitutional Rights!!


To find out more, please read our"About" page.

The Beginning is Near!!

Event sponsored by Constitutional Defenders of Texas